Recipes to Celebrate Ostara - Awesome on 20 (2024)

Whether you're celebrating Ostara, Spring Equinox, or even Passover or Easter, you can call in the energy of the season with a feast. I've got 100 simple, everyday recipes to celebrate Ostara that will invite fertility and abundance into your life. It's gonna be awesome.

I am truly a modern witch, practical in every way. Sure, I love a ritual with a bit of theatrics now and then, but most days, my magic is all about just getting through the day. When I want to celebrate a sabbat, I don't want to go out and buy a bunch of weird ingredients or make some ancient recipe that possibly tastes like garbage. That does not raise my vibration.

You know what does raise my vibration? Making and eating simple recipes that I know taste great and cooking them with a bit of extra intention for the special occasion. Let's take a look at some common ingredients associated with Ostara, their symbolism, and then some really tasty recipes to celebrate Ostara that you can make with them.

What is Ostara?

In case you've never heard of Ostara, it's a neo-pagan/Wiccan/witch holiday, known as a sabbat. It's the spoke in the Wheel of the Year marked by the spring or vernal equinox. It's the day when night and day are equal. Are you thinking that word sounds a lot like Easter? That's not a coincidence.

The spring festival honoring the goddess Eostre predates the festival of Easter. This is a time of fertility and new life. Ever wonder where the Easter bunny and Easter eggs came from? These are Ostara traditions, both symbolizing fertility and abundance. Of course, our current version of Ostara is based on a mixture of myth and more modern traditions. To me, it's an opportunity to pause and show gratitude for the change in seasons and the bursting abundance of nature.

The exact date of Ostara changes a bit form year to year. In 2023, the spring equinox happens at 9:24 pm UK time on the 20th of March in the Northern Hemisphere. Some people believe there's a window of a few days to celebrate, but the best thing about being a witch is that you can do whatever works for you.


The most obvious symbol of this season is eggs. Cultures around the world have traditions of decorating eggs, some extremely elaborately. Eggs symbolize both fertility and protection, so let's eat as many of them as we can.

  • - Our favorite way to use up leftover bacon, the egg in this situation is filthy and perfect.
  • Lemon Meringue Fool - A super simple, no-bake, five minute dessert with store-bought meringue nests.
  • Bacon Egg Salad Sandwich - A lunchbox fave with some crispy bacon worked right in there. Celebrate Ostara at your desk. No one will know.
  • - Mango energy is all lovey dovey, so it's a perfect pairing for the season.
  • Eggs in Purgatory - Can eggs and tomatoes be a religious experience? Will they lead you toward heaven or hell? You decide.
  • Turkish Eggs - This fiery dish will super charge your energy.
  • Jalapeno Deviled Eggs - For when you want some fertility in a hurry.
  • - A very Southern, very delicious breakfast sandwich.
  • Goat Cheese Souffle - There's something about goat cheese that just feels springy to me. Plus cheese has properties of success and happiness.
  • Breakfast Pizza - Piled high with sausage and hashbrowns, then covered in beaten egg, you're gonna want to enjoy this all day long.
  • Secret Ingredient Deviled Eggs - What's the secret? Is it magic? Maybe, but also it's butter.
  • Buffalo Deviled Eggs - Incorporate a bit of fire energy and speed things along.
  • - Invite some earthy, grounding energy to your Ostara feast.
  • Sourdough French Toast - Simply soak your favorite bread in eggs and milk for something truly awesome.
  • Breakfast Nachos with Fried Eggs - This one is full of fiery Southwest flavors, plus a gooey yolk.
  • - Made with jammy boiled eggs, this warm potato salad is an excellent spring side.


Okay, so truly traditional animal proteins at this time of year would be rabbit because of their prolific fertility, or lamb because of the season. I can't get rabbit at my local supermarket, and I'm not partial to lamb, so I usually go for ham. I don't know that it has any magical properties, but given that it's still the start of spring, our ancestors would be using up the last of the preserved meat at this time of year. Seems like a good enough reason to eat something salty and delicious.

  • - Fill it with lots of spring vegetables to call in all sorts of good energy.
  • Red Currant Glazed Ham - Adapt this recipe to fit your intention and your needs.
  • - Ground that abundant energy of spring with this earthy soup.
  • Ginger Glazed Gammon Steaks - Ginger brings its own powerful magic to the party.
  • Egg Tortilla Pie - A super simple recipe for one or two for a quick Ostara lunch.
  • Gammon Steak with Pineapple Salsa - Also features seasonal pineapple and mint.
  • - A delicious make-ahead treat for a Spring Equinox picnic.
  • - This recipe is adaptable to whatever leftovers you may have in your fridge. Our ancestors would want us to be resourceful.
  • Breakfast Pot Pie - With scrambled eggs, hash browns, and flaky pastry in addition to the ham, this would make the perfect Ostara brunch for several people.
  • - An awesome casual snack for you and your friends.
  • Moons Over My Hammy - It's a grilled ham and cheese with scrambled eggs. This diner classic was made for this sabbat.
  • Monte Cristo - Speaking of diner classics, this one is basically a French toast ham and cheese. Just try it with some maple syrup.

Seasonal Vegetables

Since we're celebrating the start of a new season, it makes sense to celebrate with what is abundant right now. This will vary from location to location. The best thing to do is go to the local farmer's market and see what they've got. If you're like me and there's not a farmer's market near you, you can always google it. If you're in the UK, Eat the Seasons is a great place to start. As a certified picky eater, this means lots of spinach and green onions for me. If you're looking for meatless recipes to celebrate Ostara, you'll find a few here.

  • - Use new potatoes here for extra spring energy.
  • - Cut your biscuits into egg shapes or carve sigils into the dough before baking.
  • - Do pasta shells look like eggs?
  • - Corn is also a powerful fertility symbol.
  • - Topped with a jammy boiled egg.
  • - It's just really yummy.
  • Mexican Spinach Dip - A delicious, sharable cheese dip with Southwest flavors.
  • - Spinach is in season at the moment and has properties of love, prosperity, and wealth
  • Creamy Garlic Spinach Dip - Garlic holds strong protective qualities, which is always useful.
  • - Here in Scotland, warming comfort food is still very much needed.
  • - A gooey, crispy sandwich with the abundant energy of spinach.

Seasonal Fruits

Again, check for what's available in your area. We're pretty far north here in Scotland, so we're looking at rhubarb, and imported fruits like citrus, pineapple, banana, and a personal favorite, passion fruit. Citrus evokes a vibrant cleansing energy, while passion fruit brings calm and tranquility. Use these fruits in both sweet and savoury applications.

  • - This will give you a flavor of the summer to come.
  • Chocolate Banana Muffins - I know for a fact these are so easy, a four-year-old can make them (with supervision, of course).
  • Brazilian Sunrise co*cktail - If you can't find cachaca, use rum or even tequila.
  • Citrus Bundt Cake - Citrus fruits have powerful cleansing energy.
  • - Turn your hydration into a lovely little elemental spell.
  • Sex on the Beach - This pineapple-based co*cktail will get you in the mood for some fertility magic.
  • Passion Fruit Green Tea - My favorite warm weather drink.
  • Amaretto Sour - It's just amaretto and lemon juice, but somehow I can't stop drinking it.
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie - Use frozen berries for this dairy-free smoothie.
  • - This loaf is light and sweet and so delicious as French toast.
  • Citrus co*cktail Cupcakes - A playful, sunny treat to share with your coven sisters.
  • Margarita Cupcakes - Another boozy co*cktail cupcake, this time with zingy limes.
  • Hawaiian Bread Pudding - Made with pineapple, macadamia nuts, and coconut rum.
  • Passion Fruit Victoria Sponge - Nothing says celebration like a layer cake.
  • 5 Minute Microwave Lemon Cake - In a hurry for an Ostara treat? I've got you covered.
  • - Call in powerful apple magick with this simple drink.
  • Citrus Gin Fizz - Call in the energy of juniper with this sunny co*cktail.
  • Passion Fruit Margaritas - Cheers to an abundant season.
  • - Another beautiful drink, this time with the prosperity energy of basil.
  • Carrot Ginger Orange Mimosa - Something a little bit different for your celebratory libation.
  • Passion Fruit Curd - Use this in the cake above or in whatever way makes you happy.
  • Lemon Loaf Cake - Welcome back the sun with a slice of this beauty.
  • Lemon Garlic Pasta - A meatless pasta dish with powerful protection.
  • - Fresh herbs add extra magic and extra flavor.
  • - Speed spring into your life with a punch of ginger energy.
  • Lemon Risotto - Stir in all your Ostara intentions.
  • Crunchy Lemon Chicken - We also snuck some good cinnamon magic in this one.


Chocolate eggs are a relatively new invention, starting with 18th century pastry chefs showing off their artistic skills. However, chocolate is basically a spiritual experience for me, so I'll take any excuse to incorporate it into my celebrations. And I think Easter chocolate is superior to all other holiday chocolate. I can't explain it. Must be magic.

  • Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Orange Frosting - A pretty little cake with sunny orange flavors.
  • Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies - Okay, not super witchy, but how can you resist?
  • Chocolate Orange Mousse - Orange is one of the happiest scents in the world. These little chocolate pots will make your feast extra special.
  • Flourless Chocolate Lime Cake with Margarita Cream - A simple yet festive gluten-free dessert.
  • Chocolate Orange Scones - These are ideal for taking along to an Ostara feast at another location.
  • Orange Cheesecake Brownies - These are insanely indulgent.
  • Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake - A simple loaf cake to serve with tea or coffee for an afternoon treat.
  • Orange Chocolate Chunk Muffins - Perfect for an Ostara picnic basket.
  • Chocolate Lime Pie - A fluffy cloud of no-bake goodness.
  • No-Bake Holiday Pie - Decorate with the best chocolate ever, Cadbury Mini Eggs.


Mint is well-known for prosperity and money magic, but given its ability to grow so prolifically, I'd say it's definitely got some fertility energy as well. Plus, it's just so bright and springy. Seems like these would be perfect recipes to celebrate Ostara.

  • Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies - Make a classic all little bit more magical.
  • Mint Limeade - Prosperity in a glass.
  • Chocolate Mint Cupcakes - These are made with ground amonds to bring a bit of that fertile nut energy.
  • Mint Brownies - A cheeky layer of peppermint ganache hidden between rich chocolate layers. It's pure awesomeness.
  • Grasshopper Pie - This boozy no-bake dessert evokes the insects that are beginning to reemerge with the return of longer days.
  • Vanilla Ginger Mojito - This mint based co*cktail has a certain seductive quality with sensual vanilla and ginger.
  • White Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake - This may have a bit of a Christmas feel, but I'm sure you can work in a few egg shaped chocolates to change up the theme. It's too delicious to leave out.
  • Mint Cucumber Lemon Water - Stay hydrated while evoking the abundance of the season.
  • Grilled Chicken Skewers with Chili Mint Yogurt - If you live somewhere where it's already time to pull out the grill, this would be perfect.


Honey gives the energy of the reemergence of fertility and abundance after the long winter. You may start to see bees emerging at this time of year, so incorporate honey into your Ostara feast to call in sweetness and give thanks for the interconnectedness of the natural world.

  • Spiced Honey Vodka - This sweet libation is so sippable straight up. It would also make a sweet offering to nature deities or ancestors. And if it's still quite crisp around Ostara where you live, this can also be served warm.
  • Goat Cheese Crostini - Topped with honey and macadamia nuts, this has the promise of spring.
  • Crispy Honey Chicken - This Chinese-inspired recipe is totally delicious, and with a hint of fire, it will keep you motivated as well.

A few extra spring recipes

There were a few more recipes that just felt right to me, and every witch knows that trusting your intuition is paramount. I think you'll love them.

  • Jam Tarts - If it's still too early for a lot of fresh fruits and berries where you live, these jam tarts let you make the most of the last of the winter preserves.
  • Dutch Baby - There's realy never a wrong time for this vehicle for whatever fresh fruit or other toppings you might have on hand.
  • Sour Cream Scones - With jam and clotted cream, they're ideal with a pot of your favorite tea.
  • Whipped Feta on Toast - This can be topped with whatever is in season and can be both sweet and savoury. Put out a variety of toppings, and let you guests build their own creation.
  • Mitraillette - This is my one lamb recipe, and it's so tasty, I just had to include it.
  • Whipped Ricotta - Ideal for kitchen magick, you can sprinkle this cloud of cheese with a variety of dried herbs and spices.
  • No-Fail Sugar Cookies - Egg & bunny shaped, obviously.
  • Madeira Cake - A simple cake that can also be adorned with your favorite fruit or toppings.
  • Lavender Cake - This simple loaf cake features one of my favorite magical herbs.
  • Italian Cream Sodas - Use syrups with seasonal colors and flavors.
  • Lofthouse Cookie Bars - Use color magic to evoke Ostara abundance with pastel pink, green, and yellow.
  • Pink Lemonade Fudge - It's just too pretty to leave out.
  • Easy Cream Puffs with Pastry Cream - There's just something that feels so springy about this bites of sweetness.
  • Almond Flour Cookies - Top them with brighly colored sugared almonds.
  • No-Churn Ice Cream - A simple, homemade accompaniment to any other dessert.

Whether you're celebrating with your family or your coven, this turn of the wheel of the year is filled with promise. If you make one of these recipes to celebrate Ostara, I'd love to see it. Share your photos on Instagram, and hashtag them #awesomeon20.

And be sure to check my Kitchen Magick page for specific correspondences of various ingredients.

Ostara blessings to you, friends. Make it awesome.

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Recipes to Celebrate Ostara - Awesome on 20 (2024)


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