26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (2024)

Learn to draw the most unique and stunning bird-like creature using the ultimate guide of these easy penguin drawings. Penguins are the specific birds that excel in swimming but cannot fly. In this sketching collection, we'll take you on an impulsive journey through the fascinating world of that penguins, providing simple, step-by-step instructions to create your adorable penguin drawings. You will transform the seemingly complex art of sketching into a delightful and accessible experience by following cute penguin drawings.

Penguin Drawing Ideas

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (1)

From easy-to-follow sketches for beginners to intricate and detailed masterpieces for the experienced artist, our roundup covers a diverse range of penguin drawing Ideas to suit everyone's taste. We've added simple, lifelike drawings of these lovable animals and fun, cartoon-like versions to spark your creativity. With our clear guidelines and helpful tips, you'll be amazed at how effortlessly you can capture the essence of penguins on paper.

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Baby Penguin Drawing

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (2)

Are you curious about the adorable creatures known as chicks or nestlings? In this Baby Penguin Drawing, we will guide you on creating simple sketches that capture their cuteness. Imagine a fluffy head, a tiny body, and small feet - all part of a baby penguin's charm. With each line you draw, you will bring this lovable creature to life on your paper.

We Draw Animals

Blue Penguin Drawing Easy

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (3)

Drawing a charming blue penguin can be a delightful experience for beginners. This Blue Penguin Drawing Easy tutorial will begin with something as simple as an oblong. Sketch a large one in the middle of your page; this is your penguin's body. Now, inside this, let's draw a smaller oblong. This smaller shape will represent the penguin's adorable white belly. As you trace these shapes, envision the endearing blue penguin you will bring to life.

Verb Now

Penguin with Earmuffs and Scarf Drawing

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (4)

If you're seeking a creative winter art project that doesn't involve snowflakes and snowmen, consider the Penguin with Earmuffs and Scarf drawing project. This adorable penguin is all bundled up for the chilly weather and adds a fresh twist to your typical seasonal sketches. And the best part? It's a quick and easy activity that will take up little of your time or be too complex.

Birch and Button

Easy Penguin Drawing

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (5)

Join us on an amazing art journey through this tutorial! This is not your typical art lesson - you will befriend an adorable penguin. You can learn to draw this charming creature from the Antarctic in just nine easy steps. It's not just a figment of your imagination - you will soon master the skill of creating a lively penguin on paper faster than you ever thought possible.

How to Draw for Kids

Cute Penguin Drawing

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (6)

Do you want to draw a cute penguin? You're in luck! We have made it into a fun adventure with an easy guide. This will make the process easy and enjoyable. You can experience the excitement of bringing a penguin to life on your paper through creativity.

I Heart Crafty Things

Penguin Drawing Simple

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (7)

Imagine an afternoon filled with laughter, family bonding, and creativity. Picture your family huddled around the table, pencils in hand, gleefully sketching a charming penguin family together. Drawing isn't just for kids, and it's a universal language that every family member can enjoy. This Penguin Drawing Simple tutorial adds an artistic feather to your cap, weaving threads of joy and togetherness within your family.

Peewee Picasso

Penguin Drawing Realistic

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (8)

Explore the fascinating world of realistic art with Penguin Drawing Realistic idea. Notice that adorable penguin over there? Its body is shaped like an oval, which is the first step in creating a true-to-life penguin drawing, and drawing oval sets the foundation for the penguin's body. It's amazing how combining basic shapes can result in such lifelike artwork.

Samanthas Bell

Dancing Penguin Sketch

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (9)

Ever thought about a penguin tapping its flippers to a joyful rhythm? Welcome to the playful world of the Dancing Penguin Sketch. It's a scene that combines the precision of drawing with the joy of dance. As your pencil glides across the paper, capturing the jubilant energy of a dancing penguin, you'll feel a connection with this whimsical creature.

Printable Free Coloring

Cartoon Penguin Drawing

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (10)

Enter the charming universe of a merry cartoon penguin decorated in its holiday finery. This lovable figure represents the spirit of the season. Imagine drawing a penguin wearing a cute hat and scarf, eager to participate in your holiday festivities. By capturing the cheerful essence of this cartoon penguin with your pencil, you're producing a drawing and creating a story of happiness and merriment.

Drago Art

Step By Step Penguin Drawing

Learn how to draw the exciting characters of the Penguins of Madagascar through our step-by-step tutorial. This isn't just a drawing lesson but an opportunity to embark on an artistic adventure with your beloved animated penguins. You'll delight in discovering how to sketch these daring characters regardless of age. By following each step, you'll be closer to bringing your page's Penguins of Madagascar to life.

Rico with a Hammer Sketch26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (11)

Join us on an exciting artistic journey where you will learn to sketch Rico from the Penguins of Madagascar, including his trusty hammer! This quick and fun tutorial is more than just a simple drawing exercise. It will take you into Rico's world and enable you to portray his unique personality through your artwork. Imagine capturing Rico's lively essence, his hammer held high, ready for action.

Draw The Penguins Of Madagascar

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (12)

Join us on an artistic adventure with our step-by-step tutorial on sketching the adorable Penguins of Madagascar. This guide is suitable for beginners and young artists and will take you on a fun journey of creativity. You'll be thrilled to see your drawing come to life, starting from basic shapes and transforming into a lively sketch of your favorite animated penguins.

We Draw Animals

Kowalski Drawing Tutorial

Learn how to sketch Kowalski from Penguins of Madagascar with expert guidance. Bring your beloved animated character to life on paper and unleash your artistic potential. Join us now for a rare opportunity to establish an unbreakable bond with your art.

Draw Penguin From Animal Jam

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (13)

Learn how to draw a cute Penguin from Animal Jam with our step-by-step tutorial. Each stroke and line you make will bring the lively spirit of the Penguin to your canvas. Join the exciting journey and explore the vibrant world of Animal Jam through art.


Realistic Penguin Drawing

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (14)

Prepare yourself for an imaginative exploration into the enchanting realm of penguins - a collection of the most delightful beings on Earth. Our comprehensive tutorial makes drawing a realistic penguin not just easy but a delightful experience. As you follow each step, imagine a lively penguin taking shape under your fingertips, its charm captured flawlessly on your paper.


Easy Penguin To Draw

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (15)

Imagine your young artists being able to draw an adorable penguin with ease using our simple guide. Witness their excitement as they bring a lively penguin to life on their sketchpad by following easy steps. This tutorial is more than just a lesson; it's a captivating adventure into the enchanting world of penguins crafted specifically for young learners. They will learn to draw, develop their creativity, and enhance their self-confidence as they process through each stage.


Penguin Drawing For Kids

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (16)

Learn to draw cute penguins with our easy step-by-step tutorial. Perfect for children to boost creativity and confidence. Our tutorial simplifies the art of drawing a penguin into easy, enjoyable steps even a child can follow.


Cute Easy Penguin Drawing

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (17)

Penguins are so cute, and luckily drawing them is relatively easy. In this amazing tutorial you will learn how to recreate a simple penguin that is easy to draw and fun to color. This easy penguin drawing is great for beginners, especially for kids. Follow these step by step instructions, and you will have a happy little penguin portrait in no time. If you are looking for the perfect gift idea, nothing can be better than this tutorial.


Easy To Draw A Penguin

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (18)

This amazing tutorial will be an excellent choice for anyone who loves these adorable birds or likes their cute fluffiness of them! Learn how to draw a penguin in 4 easy steps with our simple and easier drawing tutorial. This penguin is great for young artists learning to draw and has an excellent coloring page.


Emperor Penguin Drawing

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (19)

Learn how to draw a cute Emperor Penguin with this expertly designed step-by-step drawing guide. The Emperor Penguin is well-known for its tall, stately stance on land and its broad and oval-shaped body in water. This penguin species is known for "waddling" when moving about on land and using flippers and its webbed feet to swim underwater. If you want to learn more about their body shape, use this amazing drawing tutorial and have fun.


How To Draw A Penguin Easy Step-by-step

26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (20)

Drawing a penguin can be easy and fun. Here you'll learn the basic techniques needed to draw your first penguin, so ensure you have a piece of paper and a pencil. We'll go through some simple steps that will help boost your confidence in drawing. Then we'll get into the details of this amazing tutorial on drawing a penguin that kids will love!



26 Easy Penguin Drawings - A Step By Step Guide (2024)


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