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Relating to cuteness degree, guinea pigs are excessive on the checklist. In any case, who may flip away from a pocket piggie who matches properly in your arms, trying up at you with these stunning beady eyes?

Reality: there are over 100,000 guinea pig households in a number of international locations worldwide. Increasingly more persons are selecting to undertake guinea pigs as pets due to their distinctive attitudes and cuteness!

Not like different rodents who sit in a cage and say whats up sometimes, guinea pigs might be skilled for methods. They’re curious explorers and might specific themselves in some ways.

On this article, you’ll be taught why guinea pigs are so fashionable and why their cuteness is attracting so many householders throughout the globe.

Why Are Guinea Pigs So Cute? 10 Reasons Based on Science - MeowMyBark (1)

Prime 10 Causes Guinea Pigs Are Cute

1. Guinea Pigs Are Empathic

Guinea pigs are light, caring, and affectionate, that are studying elements that make up empathy. Maybe, one of many most important causes guinea pigs have grow to be fashionable home pets is because of their form and loving nature.

Extra persons are adopting guinea pigs as a result of they’re cute and have a knack for being emotionally supportive. Youngsters and adults with anxiousness, melancholy, or different temper issues flip to pets for assist and emotional stability.

Except for their cuteness, guinea pigs have gotten well-known emotional assist animals resulting from their empathic traits.

Why Are Guinea Pigs So Cute? 10 Reasons Based on Science - MeowMyBark (2)

2. Their Look

Have you ever heard of child schema? Child schema is the speculation that cuteness solely depends on the facet that small issues are simply cuter than greater issues.

Guinea pigs’ bodily look attracts most individuals resulting from their huge ears, chubby cheeks, beady eyes, and gentle spherical noses. The lovable issue compels us to take care of one thing as small and helpless as a guinea pig.

Don’t decide a e book by its cowl. Guinea pigs could seem small, however they’re compact with large personalities, which is one other added cuteness element.

3. Guinea Pigs Love Exhibiting Their Persona

All animals have particular person personalities. Nevertheless, there’s nothing fairly just like the guinea pig that may help you see all of what makes them particularly distinctive. Guinea pigs will not be a one-size-fits-all entitlement. Some guinea pigs are loopy, energetic, vocal, and expressive. Others are quieter, extra discreet, and shy. Then, there are some that you simply simply can’t pinpoint an actual character trait as a result of they present all sides of the guinea pig traits.

What makes them the cutest home pet on Earth is that they aren’t afraid to let you know precisely who they’re, how they really feel, and what they need.

4. Guinea Pigs Are Communicative

Talking of getting what they need when they need it, the communication provides to the extent of cuteness guinea pigs painting. Not like most home pets, you’ll by no means need to guess how a guinea pig feels.

When guineas are excited or joyful, they’ll dance and zoom round, mixed with tiny or loud squeaks that say, “Take note of me; I’m displaying off for you!” Nevertheless, once they’re unhappy or not feeling properly, they’ll cover and solely come out whenever you strategy them.

A guinea pig’s habits will depend on the way you elevate them. It’s identical to a child. If that’s not cute, what’s?

Why Are Guinea Pigs So Cute? 10 Reasons Based on Science - MeowMyBark (3)

5. They’re Manageable

For starters, guinea pigs adapt properly to most conditions. They’re simpler to take care of than cats or canine, although they’ve extra wants than gerbils and hamsters.

What’s cute about guinea pigs is that the majority are laid again and wish to drift. Should you love strawberries, they’ll possible love strawberries. If you wish to chill out and watch a film, they’ll move out watching one too. If you wish to spend time with them, they need to spend time with you.

Apart from sustaining a clear setting and routine feeding habits, what else is there to maintain this laid-back, pleasant pal from not being cute? When it comes proper all the way down to it, going out of your approach to assist them will allow a wonderful endlessly friendship.

6. Guinea Pigs Are Playful

Don’t you assume guinea pigs are adventurous? Meaning you’ve by no means arrange a crash course for them. Attempt making a maze or rodent health club for them to crawl beneath, over, and tunnels to run by way of. Guinea pigs are naturally curious animals, in order that they take journey to excessive ranges.

Something that they’ll bury their faces in, soar into, or run within, they’ll attempt to be playful companions. With all this pleasure, your guinea pigs could have you laughing or dying in cute overload.

7. They Can Be Skilled

What’s extra cute than pocket-sized tricksters? Guinea pigs might be skilled to return to their identify, use the potty, fetch, spin, and high-five. Whereas most animals could also be tough to coach, guinea pigs are literally tremendous clever and are simply trainable with the deal with and reward system.

Spend a while understanding your guinea character sort. After forming a detailed bond, your friendship can solely develop whenever you spend time together with your pocket pal, instructing them methods and manners.

Why Are Guinea Pigs So Cute? 10 Reasons Based on Science - MeowMyBark (4)

8. They Love You!

Has your guinea pig ever headbutted you? One of these physique language, amongst different forms of communication, is simply one of many some ways they let you know they love you.

While you maintain out your hand, they usually come working, or once they greet you as you come house is their approach of claiming, “I’m joyful to see you.”

9. They Dance When They’re Blissful

Popcorning is without doubt one of the cutest gestures a guinea pig can do. Popcorning is when your guinea pig hops up and down in their cage, adopted by excited squeaks and whistles.

When popcorning is mixed with the zoomies, your piggie may be very energetic and reveals pleasure. In a approach, they’re dancing for you.

10. Guinea Pigs and Their Kisses

Talking of cuteness, guineas love cuddling and kisses. Subsequent time you’re cozying as much as a film together with your piggie pal, maintain your finger earlier than them; you could be shocked they provide you a delicate nibble. In a guinea’s thoughts, they’re grooming you, which is how they present love.

Why Are Guinea Pigs So Cute? 10 Reasons Based on Science - MeowMyBark (5)

Why Are Guinea Pigs So Cute? 10 Reasons Based on Science - MeowMyBark (6)

Last Phrases

Guinea pigs are clear, simple to take care of, hilariously entertaining, and really empathic. What’s to not love? Though guinea pigs are fairly simple to reside with, they require a great deal of consideration and a ton of house to run round in.

Offered that you simply provide a nutritious diet and acceptable way of life, your guinea pigs could have you melting in cuteness and extra love than you possibly can think about coming from any pet.

Featured Picture Credit score: Birute Vijeikiene, Shutterstock

Why Are Guinea Pigs So Cute? 10 Reasons Based on Science - MeowMyBark (2024)


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