The Best Solo Builds For Survivors In Dead By Daylight (2024)

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Playing as a solo survivor in Dead by Daylight? You might have better luck with these builds.

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First Published September 22, 2023, 15:33

Playing in a SWF (survive with friends) group might give players the advantage in Dead by Daylight, but solo players tend to struggle when playing against experienced killers. As a solo player, you won't always be able to rely on your team in a sticky situation, so you'll need to rely on the help of perks to get ahead. Here are the best builds for solo survivors in Dead by Daylight so you can make the escape.

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  • The Best Solo Builds In Dead By Daylight
    • 1. Master Of Stealth
    • 2. Anti-Tunneling
    • 3. Information Build

The Best Solo Builds In Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight can be especially challenging as a solo survivor, but there are many perks that can help you make the escape. With so many different playstyles, we've put together a selection of builds for players of varying playstyles. Try out one of these strong solo survivor builds if you find yourself struggling while playing alone.

1. Master Of Stealth

When playing solo, you may want to lay low, especially towards the end of the match, to make sure you're able to escape even if your teammates don't. Using a stealth loadout can help you make that happen and stay hidden in the shadows even against killers who utilize tracking perks.

  • Iron Will
  • Boon: Shadow Step
  • Technician
  • Distortion

Iron Will silences your grunts of pain, making it challenging for the killer to track you via sound. Boon: Shadow Step hides your scratch marks within a certain range, covering up another way that killers may track you. Technician, while a lesser-used perk, can actually make a big difference when it comes to killers being able to pin down your location. Distortion will stop the killer from reading your aura, which is just one more way they won't be able to track you any longer.

2. Anti-Tunneling

As a solo survivor, you can't be sure that your teammates will come to your aid if the killer chooses to tunnel you throughout the match. As a result, it may be a good idea to bring a build that prevents that from happening altogether.

  • Off The Record
  • Deliverance
  • Kindred

Off The Record ensures that you won't be tunneled off the hook, giving you an extra hit of Endurance and making it a bit harder for the killer to find you without the help of auras. Deliverance ensures that you can pull yourself off the hook safely in case of a killer who camps the hook in hopes of preventing others from making the save. Kindred gives your teammates the opportunity to know whether it's safe to come in for the save, while

3. Information Build

When you can't communicate verbally with teammates, it's especially important to get as much information as you can via auras and communicate that information to others in your group through the help of perks.

  • Kindred
  • Bond
  • Blast Mine
  • Wiretap

Kindred and Bond both allow you to see other survivors, with Kindred having the added benefit of being able to see the killer if they're within range of a hooked survivor. Knowing where everyone is can help you have a better game sense, and know where to be at any given time. Blast Mine illuminates the aura of the generator it's placed on, giving info to your teammates about your location and what generator to work on, with the added benefit of stunning the killer if they kick it. Wiretap gives you even more tracking, showing the killers' aura if they're near a Wiretapped generator; combined with Blast Mine, which discourages killers from kicking gens, this perk is a game-changer.

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The Best Solo Builds For Survivors In Dead By Daylight (2024)


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