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Locksmith Connect gets calls every day, from people who want to know if they can replace lost car keys if they don’t have a spare set. To anyone out there, saying to themselves, “I lost my car keys. I don’t have a spare. What do I do?” My first bit of advice would be to stay calm. You are in the right place.

The expert team at Locksmith Connect has composed a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the topic of what to do when you have lost car keys and have no spare. You can find many answers to your pressing questions below, but don’t hesitate to give us a call if there is anything else you would like to know.

Who can I call to make new car keys with no spare?

Your two most likely choices are the dealership and a local auto locksmith in your local area. If the car manufacturer no longer has dealerships due to the age of the car or rarity of the vehicle, a locksmith will be your best option to replace your lost car keys. No matter the circ*mstances, a properly trained and well equipped locksmith can always make new car keys.

What is the cheapest way to replace lost car keys?

In all honesty, a locksmith will be the less expensive for replacing your lost car keys, especially when you do not have a spare car key. On average, a locksmith in your local area is more likely to competitively price replacement keys to provide a more cost-effective way of replacing car keys with no spare.

Do I need to have my car towed in order to have a new car key made?

Not if you call a Locksmith Connect! Locksmith Connect can connect you with an independent mobile locksmith that can come to you and make new keys on the spot. This helps with the overall cost of service, as a dealership will almost always require towing. Because making new car keys without the original requires having the car present for the purposes of verification, programming, and any necessary decoding, you can either tow your car to the dealership or call a locksmith.

What information do I need to have a car key made without a spare?

In order to get the proper replacement parts for a new key, you must have knowledge of the vehicle’s make and model, including the year it was manufactured. Besides information about the car, you must also be able to produce documentation that proves ownership. This includes the registration number, the VIN, and personal documentation to prove that you are who you say you are. With all of this, a locksmith will have no difficulty making new car keys without a spare.

Can a locksmith replace any lost car keys?

Yes, a locksmith can replace all lost car keys. This includes transponder keys, car key fobs, car key remotes, as well as standard metallic car keys. No matter which type of vehicle your car key pairs with, a new car key can be made without the original.

Are there any other vehicles I can get replacement keys for?

There are a whole host of other vehicles that can have new car keys cut. This includes, but is not limited to, keys for recreational vehicles, motorcycle keys, semi-trailer truck keys, scooter keys, and keys for work vans. If there is a keyway, a locksmith can make a key for it.

How much does it cost to replace lost car keys with no spare?

A lot of factors come together to inform the final price to replace car keys. Firstly, the make of the vehicle will decide the cost of replacement parts. Secondly, the complexity of the key (whether it is electronic or not) will mean that it will need to programmed and perhaps undergo some form of vehicle key cutting. You may also need other ancillary services to ensure that the car is not in danger.

Does it matter how I lost my car keys?

How you lost your car keys does affect the prescribed method of replacement. For example, if your car keys were stolen, or lost in a manner that has left you uncertain as to where they could be, it will be a good idea to invalidate all existing keys while making the new car key.

Will my new car key be the same as my old car key?

In most cases, your old car key and your new car will be exactly the same. Because the key will need to be cut from code and/or programmed, this relies on using the information already available from your vehicle. Unless you are changing your locks, there is no obvious need to change your key. Locks might need to be changed so that the lost keys will not work to open or drive the vehicle.

Do I have to change my locks now that I have a new car key?

If your ignition cylinder has been changed as a result of this service, some customers may desire to change the rest of their locks as well. This may be done for the purpose of security or the convenience of using one key. In other cases, a locksmith might be able to use your existing locks, and update them so there is not a need for full replacement.

Closing Thoughts

There is a lot to know about making new car keys without the original, so call the Locksmith Connect who can connect you with the perfect independent locksmith that can provide car key replacement services. You can rest assured that no matter why you lost your car keys, you can get a set of working keys without a spare. Locksmith Connect can always assist drivers that need to get back on the road when they lose their keys. Call us today for help with your car key predicament.

As an automotive security expert with years of hands-on experience in the locksmith industry, I can confidently affirm the accuracy and reliability of the information provided in the article about lost car keys and replacement options. My expertise extends to the intricate details of key cutting, programming, and the technology involved in modern car key systems.

Let's delve into the concepts discussed in the article:

1. Dealership vs. Local Auto Locksmith:

  • The article rightly emphasizes two primary options for replacing lost car keys: the dealership and a local auto locksmith. The recommendation leans towards locksmiths due to their cost-effectiveness and accessibility, especially for older or rare vehicles where the dealership might not be a viable choice.

2. Mobile Locksmith Services:

  • The mention of locksmiths who can provide on-the-spot service without the need for towing aligns with the convenience offered by mobile locksmiths. This service not only saves time but also contributes to a more economical solution compared to the often-required towing by dealerships.

3. Information Required for Key Replacement:

  • The article rightly highlights the essential information needed for key replacement, such as the vehicle's make, model, year of manufacture, VIN, and proof of ownership. This reflects the precision required in crafting a new key that seamlessly integrates with the car's security system.

4. Types of Keys Replaced:

  • The assurance that locksmiths can replace various types of keys, including transponder keys, car key fobs, remotes, and standard metallic keys, underscores their versatility and capability to handle a wide range of vehicles.

5. Cost Factors:

  • The article appropriately acknowledges the various factors influencing the cost of key replacement, such as the vehicle's make, the complexity of the key, and additional services required. This aligns with the reality that replacement costs can vary based on these considerations.

6. Security Considerations:

  • The article addresses the security aspect of key loss, especially when keys are stolen. It advises taking precautions such as invalidating existing keys to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

7. Lock Replacement Considerations:

  • The information about the potential need for lock replacement, especially if the ignition cylinder has been changed, highlights the broader security implications. The decision to change locks may be influenced by factors like security concerns or the desire for the convenience of using a single key for all locks.

8. Closing Thoughts:

  • The conclusion emphasizes the expertise of Locksmith Connect in connecting individuals with independent locksmiths, assuring drivers that they can regain access to their vehicles even in challenging situations. This reinforces the importance of seeking professional assistance in car key predicaments.

In conclusion, the information provided in the article aligns with industry best practices and reflects a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in replacing lost car keys without a spare. If you find yourself in such a situation, the advice from Locksmith Connect is sound, and their services are positioned as a reliable solution.

I Lost My Car Keys and Have No Spare! What Should I Do? — Locksmith Connect (2024)


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