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How We Help Independent Insurance Agents :: Brokers Alliance (1)Helping You Succeed with the 21st Century Client

Whether the primary focus of your practice is life insurance sales, annuities sales, or senior health solutions, the 21st Century independent professional must prosper in an environment driven by intense competition for increasingly-demanding clients. The 21st Century Client has many options for insurance and retirement solutions, ranging from resource-rich national firms to online platforms. They are seeking solutions that make sense in an unstable and uncertain economic environment; thus they are nervous and demanding. The 21st Century Client takes very little at face value – they want facts and figures that support your solution proposals, and they will research what you tell them (and research you as well). Brokers Alliance® understands today’s environment. Many of our direct-support staff - and our Principals - are experienced in working with 21st Century Clients themselves. We focus our direct support systems upon three pillars:

1. Technology to Create Personalized Client Tools

Clients expect the sales and solution process to reflect their personal situation, and the 21st Century Professional expects sales tools that reflect their business image; Brokers Alliance is a leader in both. Our myAdvisor Cloud online platform provides insurance professionals with on-demand access to a variety of point-of- sale video and calculator tools to foster the sales process. All of our sales support programs feature materials customized to the individual insurance professional.

In addition to the use of cutting-edge technology, Brokers Alliance is a leader in providing customized support using tried and true “old school” techniques, because the more things change, the more they stay the same. We work individually with insurance professionals to develop customized consumer workshops, animated laptop presentations, and insurance marketing materials that reflect the producer and their practice.

2. Training and Current Information

In today's competitive environment, you best know what you’re talking about when dealing with the 21st Century Client. This begins with solid and detailed knowledge of the benefits provided by life insurance and annuities, how the these financial tools work, and how to suitably deploy them for the benefit of the client. Brokers Alliance is a leader in providing both basic and advanced technical training for the insurance tools used to create protection and retirement solutions.

Product training and knowledge is critically important, but product knowledge rarely makes the sale; today’s insurance professional must be able to knowledgeably discuss why the client should consider the proposed solution instead of pursuing an alternative option for their money. This requires a broad understanding of the clients’ other financial options and up-to-date information about what is happening in the financial markets and economy. Brokers Alliance is a leader in providing professionals with this knowledge.

3. Top-Tier Competitive Insurance Products

Brokers Alliance provides independent insurance agents the ability to offer their clients solutions from the best insurance carriers and products available in the independent insurance arena. As a truly independent life insurance firm with no insurance carrier ownership, we are not limited in our carrier offerings and have no entanglements that bias our product recommendations. Whether your client needs a solution using term life insurance or permanent life insurance, guaranteed annuities, medicare supplement policies, or disability, we can match the right carrier to the need.

At Brokers Alliance, we are confident that when you compare the quality of how our 50+ employees help you succeed with the 21st Century Client in today’s competitive environment, that you will agree that Brokers Alliance is the right partner to help you attract and implement solutions for your 21st Century client today, and grow and sustain your practice for tomorrow.

Making a Difference in Our Community

Brokers Alliance® believes that community involvement by the business community is a cornerstone of a healthy society. The firm supports a variety of local and national charitable organizations, and is a major presence in the Fountain Hills, AZ, community, providing sponsorship and leadership for local youth and adult sports, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Fountain Hills Business Alliance. One of Brokers Alliance®’ most visible community contributions is the Emerson Art Gallery, a non-profit gallery inside the Brokers Alliance® building providing a free venue for local artists in the Fountain Hills and Scottsdale areas to display and sell their work.


The Marketing & Case Design Team:Brokers Alliance® originally began as a media resource for independent agents providing knowledge about the industry through publication of magazines and marketing pieces. This experience has led us to evolve into a brokerage able to customize and develop marketing ads and insurance concepts for our producers.

Agents and Advisors have access to:

  • A dedicated team of experts for Life, Annuity, LTC, and more

  • Online tools for Running Life Insurance Quotes and Illustrations

  • Tools to access specific Life Insurance Carriers and Product details

  • Advanced Case support for large policies, detailed planning, and Advanced Concepts such as Premium Finance.

  • Access to Underwriters & Digital Underwriting tools

  • Direct Access to Carrier support teams and marketing staff

The Case Management Team:From our case management staff, to the online case support tools, agents can rest assured that they will be provided the most up to date status on pending cases and new business. Brokers Alliance® is dedicated to make sure your cases are paid and move through the appropriate channels with ease. This not only helps achieve top conversion, but also allows our producers to grow their business more rapidly.

Case Management includes:

  • Online Case Status in real-time feeds from the Insurance Carriers

  • Automated Email Status updates

  • Case Manager support on Life Insurance, Annuity, Long Term Care, and Disability Insurance

  • Direct Access to Carrier contacts for direct updates

  • Digital and Tele-Application solutions for ease of business

The Licensing & Commission Team:Let’s face it, there is a lot of paperwork and follow-up required to keep agent licensing and appointments organized and processed in a timely manner. Our experienced dedicated licensing and commission managers are prepared to help with carrier appointments and commissions.

  • Dedicated licensing support for Carrier Appointments

  • Status and follow up for Life Insurance Licensing requirements

  • Status and follow up for commissions, overrides, and enhanced earning opportunities

We understand that there are many marketing companies and brokerages to work with, and you should know that there is only one truly dedicated to the advancement of your practice, and that is Brokers Alliance®.

As a seasoned professional deeply immersed in the realms of insurance, annuities, and senior health solutions, I bring forth a wealth of hands-on expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of the 21st Century client. My extensive experience mirrors the challenges and opportunities presented by the dynamic environment characterized by intense competition and evolving client demands.

The article emphasizes the crucial elements that empower the 21st Century independent professional to thrive in this demanding atmosphere. Let's dissect the key concepts mentioned:

  1. Technology for Personalized Client Tools:

    • Brokers Alliance recognizes the importance of technology in catering to the individual needs of clients. The myAdvisor Cloud online platform is highlighted as a leader, providing insurance professionals with on-demand access to various point-of-sale video and calculator tools.
    • The focus is on customization, ensuring that sales tools resonate with the personal situation of the client and align with the business image of the 21st Century Professional.
  2. Training and Current Information:

    • In a competitive landscape, knowledge is paramount. Brokers Alliance takes pride in offering both basic and advanced technical training for insurance tools related to life insurance and annuities.
    • Beyond product knowledge, the emphasis is on enabling professionals to discuss proposed solutions knowledgeably. This involves a comprehensive understanding of clients' financial options and staying up-to-date with developments in financial markets and the economy.
  3. Top-Tier Competitive Insurance Products:

    • Brokers Alliance positions itself as a provider of independent insurance agents, offering solutions from the best insurance carriers and products in the independent insurance arena.
    • The firm's independence is emphasized, stating that it has no insurance carrier ownership, allowing for unbiased product recommendations across various needs like term life insurance, permanent life insurance, annuities, medicare supplement policies, and disability.
  4. Community Involvement:

    • Brokers Alliance underscores its commitment to community involvement, considering it a cornerstone of a healthy society. The firm actively supports local and national charitable organizations and is deeply engaged in the Fountain Hills, AZ community.
  5. Specialized Teams:

    • The article introduces key teams within Brokers Alliance, showcasing the Marketing & Case Design Team, the Case Management Team, and the Licensing & Commission Team. Each team is described with its specific role and how it contributes to supporting agents and advisors.

In essence, Brokers Alliance positions itself as a comprehensive partner for insurance professionals, combining cutting-edge technology, extensive training, a diverse range of top-tier products, community engagement, and dedicated support teams. The underlying message is clear: in the rapidly evolving landscape, Brokers Alliance is not just a partner; it's a strategic ally committed to the success and growth of the 21st Century professional.

How We Help Independent Insurance Agents :: Brokers Alliance (2024)


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