Family of driver, 13, in Texas crash 'lost everything' in fire last year, pastor says (2023)

, including New Mexico college golfers, “lost everything” in a fire late last year, according to a local pastor.

The unidentified boy died in the Tuesday night collision along with his dad, Henrich Siemens, a 38-year-old passenger in the truck. Mennonite Evangelical Church Seminole Pastor Jake Fehr told NBC News on Friday that Siemens was the father of the boy.

Fehr knew Siemens growing up, and the father and son’s funerals will be held at Mennonite Evangelical Church Seminole, even though they attended South Seminole Baptist Church. Fehr's sanctuary has more space.

Fehr said the Siemens’ house burned down late last year. “The whole house burned down, they lost everything in that home,” he said, adding that the 13-year-old had siblings.Agatha Siemens, Henrich’s wife, had posted on Facebook in December asking for help getting photos off of her computer, which was damaged in the fire.

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The dad might have been lucky to have bought it. Sounds like he needed to be charged with vehicular homicide. Pretty concerning that there are people like this on the road

So sad. The 13 yr old should not have been driving, another article said speed limit was 75 and both vehicles were driving the limit bc of the impact, so my point is why would anyone drive that fast on a spare? And the whole timing of it at that exact time. So many lives affected

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Why is the subject of this article a year old fire and not a 13 yo illegally driving and killing 9? Since dad was killed we'll probably never know why the 13yo was driving, we can guess. But even if the dad was driving odds are the spare tire would still have blown, could he have controlled the truck? Peace to all the families, there but for chance decisions go any of us.

Well, they didn't 'lose everything' back then. But they have now. This is absolutely nothing to do with the accident. How many killed in the family? Texas is the Devi’s breeding ground Wait, his dad was in the car with him? I thought he was joyriding! This is so much worse. God! The families of all the people in the other car. They must be devastated. Such an insanely stupid waste..

Why the hell was a 13 year old driving? A tire can blow out on anyone’s car. The judgmental people in this thread are part of the problem in the world.

13-year-old was driving truck involved in crash that killed 9 in Texas, officials sayOfficials say a 13-year-old was driving the truck that killed 9 people, including student athletes, in Texas. I thought it illegal to drive at 13. It is horrible Texas, eh?

God bless them And if he was not white I still don’t apologize White Is this an excuse? Asks a black family? Well, they hadn't 'lost everything' in the fire. But they lost their lives and the lives of those innocent athletes. Why would they drive while they’re too young? Newsworthy because.....? irrelevant distraction: no competent parent allows a 13 year old to drive. let's ignore all the prior angst and handwringing. This foolish father helped kill a lot of others and himself.

So what? You lost my interest entirely at 'local pastor.'

EXPLAINER: Driver in Texas crash was 13; is that legal?It’s not uncommon for people in rural parts of the U.S. to learn to drive when they’re young, sometimes even before they reach their teens

Wait, what? A 38 year old man had his 13 year old drive his truck on a spare tire which failed, I’m going to guess because he was driving too fast on an emergency tire & I don’t know because he was a Child! WTF?! Was the dad drunk? I can imagine a parent in rural New Mexico / Texas, teaching or letting an underage kid drive the car on a country road.... but not at high speed which apparently both cars for traveling rapidly. Which is why I'm waiting to hear if the father was drunk.

So the dad was in the car with the 13 year old? Why on hell would he let a 13 year old drive? This is so tragic - especially for the innocent victims. And? This is a very odd headline. Unfortunate, but what about the victims? notblessed 😥 Wild Huh? Why are they trying to garner sympathy for the family of the kid who, because of his idiot father, killed 9 innocent people? What a tone deaf, stupid headline by NBC.

EXPLAINER: Driver in Texas Crash Was 13; Is That Legal?It’s not uncommon for people in rural parts of the U.S. to learn to drive when they’re young, sometimes even before they reach their teens. Parents must be charged, same as school shooters parents. Sad this could have been prevented. All I got! Sorry. Prayers for all those that lost someone.

The relevance? 🤔 13? That doesn't excuse a 13 year old getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and killing people. Apparently hey did no loose 'everything'. That's a pretty nice truck that 13 year old was driving. What kind of bullshit is this? What does that have to do with anything? Must be a white kid Does that somehow make it okay that he killed 9 people?

Clearly 13 year olds have more freedoms than women in Texas! That’s sad but has zero to do with the current situation. So what? 9 dead doesn’t equal “lost everything”. Probably replaced with insurance money. Just send a few more prayers and it will be fine.

Driver Who Caused Texas Crash That Killed 9 Was Just 13 Years OldThe driver of a pickup truck that veered into oncoming traffic on Tuesday night, killing eight others including six university students, was aged just 13. Geezus! 😳 Just fucking 13year old?! If true how so? A 13year old?🤔im surprised WTF

Why don't you also report that the father had a lengthy criminal record, including driving on a suspended license and DUI? Because that's likely what caused this tragedy: he was drunk, & got his son to drive. Trash So what does that have to do with why he was driving? I guess no one is going to point out the obvious: why was a 13 year old driving?

The fuck does that have to do with anything? Why the f... Is a 13 driving? If it happened 'late last year', then why report it today? It’s a shame that we don’t have everything now we lose hope. But taking 9 others with you is okay on a savage side but messed up in the end.

NTSB: 13-year-old was driving pickup in crash that killed 9 in TexasA 13-year-old was driving a pickup truck that crashed into a vehicle carrying members of the University of the Southwest men’s and women’s golf teams, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) revealed Thursday. Read more ⮕

NTSB: 13-year-old drove pickup in Texas crash that killed 9The University of the Southwest students, including one from Portugal and one from Mexico, and the coach were returning from a golf tournament. Read more ⮕


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