Best solo queue builds? (2024)


    scenekiller Member Posts: 890

    December 2020 in General Discussions

    So, I've been playing this game since September 2019. I like to think I've gotten the ropes of it - I don't pretend to be the best survivor ever, but I think I'm fairly good.

    That said, survivor solo queue has been a nightmare lately, as I've said in another topic. So instead of just being frustrated by it, I figured I'd ask the community: what are your best recommended solo queue builds?

    Currently I'm a rank 3, running DS, Spine Chill, Kindred, and WGLF (because I love the BPs, I realize this doesn't help a whole lot in solo queue)

    Any thoughts, suggestions, or builds you run?

    • Yords Member Posts: 5,781

      December 2020


      Whatever fits your playstyle is good. However, since it is solo queue you should know that Kindred is undoubtedly the best solo queue perk. Of course, you could always run other perks that complement a solo queue playstyle and that is playing incredibly efficiently. Meaning you waste no time and make every second count.

      Kindred should always be on a solo queue build.

      DS is not a bad choice, but once you become skilled in being chased you won't need it as much as everyone thinks they do. I recommend unbreakable once you can start looping the killer enough to discourage them from chasing you.

      WGLF is also a great choice, but it requires you to be very quick in saving a teammate from the ground since you have to go over to them while being undetected by the killer. I recommend running SB with this.

      WMI is a fantastic perk that many people overlook. It is great especially during times like this where rank reset just happened.

      Bond is really good, but keep in mind that it only works for you. You can see your team but they can't see you.

    • lagosta Member Posts: 1,871

      December 2020


      BT if you wanna guarantee safe unhooks. This will combo well with DH if the killer messes the timing.

      Detective's Hunch for totem track. Many killers run undying+ruin and since you've been away maps have been reworked and some have nasty totem spawns. You'll wont find those perks all the games but they can be game breaking.

      An exhausiton perk is always good.

      Iron Will has a huge play-making potential.


    • megswifey Member Posts: 826

      December 2020


      I'm basic, I use SC, SB, Kindred, and UE lol! I always prepare for a chase and a possible Franklin's Demise, but I will always use my perks to aid me not carry me. I say use whatever helps you feel safe and is fun to use in a trial because a game is supposed to be fun :)! Just don't head on the killer all the time lol

    • brokedownpalace Member Posts: 8,761

      December 2020


      I usually run Kindred, Spine Chill, and two of the following: Bond, Iron Will, DS, BT, Sprint Burst, or Small Game. I always try to bring a medkit that can give me 2-3 heals.

    • Zayn Member Posts: 365

      December 2020


      DS because in solo queue, your teammates may farm you off hook which happens very often, a common strat for high rank killers is to get someone out of the game as soon as possible even if that means eating a DS early so it's nice to have.

      Unbreakable since there is no coordination, you'll be able to pick yourself up which can turn a game around drastically.

      Exhaustion Perk, mine is Dead Hard but you can choose whichever fits your playstyle. These perks can help you in a chase and can buy your team valuable time to get gens done.

      Last perk is up to you, an information perk like Kindred, a healing perk like Inner Strength, anything works here but I usually out Iron Will on since it's my favorite perk in the game.

      See, solo queue is all about taking care of yourself and being as independent as possible because you never know the skill range of your teammates so it's always a gamble relying on them to do anything.

    • Dennis_van_eijk Member Posts: 1,704

      December 2020


      Any build is good tbh.

      I run different builds as rank 1 and some are for fun and some are a bit more serious.

      Right now running flip flop, tenacity, dead hard and lower struggle.

      Other builds are dead hard, lightweight, ds and inner strength.

      Or switching ds with windows of opportunity.

      Or lightweight and ds for windows and open handed.

      No mither, dead hard, ds, and lightweight.

      Boil over, tenacity, flip flop, ds.

      Or ds for dead hard.

      This are just a few builds i like to run.

      But i even play without perks, and items I use on rare occasions tbh.

    • Tricks Member Posts: 957

      December 2020


      Spine Chill / Kindred / Alert / Self Care works wonders on solo queue

    • Rydog Member Posts: 3,275

      December 2020 edited December 2020


      This is my everyday solo build. It has gotten me to red ranks.

      • Bond: It does everything you need a perk to do. It shows you where people are doing gens, where people are getting chased, who needs healing, who to go to for a heal, who's bringing the killer to you, who's running to the hook, who's not running to the hook, etc. It's the best healing perk and also the best information-providing perk.
      • Kindred: Same principle, but more situationally specific. I think Kindred is an amazing perk after its buff, and it's just as effective as Borrowed Time for getting clean unhooks if you use it right. It also tells you when the killer is camping (and thus when to just do gens), you can see when the killer is placing traps around a hook, you can see who's closest to go for the save, etc. If I feel like switching things up or need a specific perk for a Tome challenge, this is the perk I sub out for something else, but Kindred is my default.
      • Lithe: My favorite exhaustion perk, since it gives you the most direct agency over when to activate it, and it forces you to pay close attention to your positioning. In situations where you need it, it often also winds up putting a big barrier between you and the killer. There are a lot of good arguments for every exhaustion perk, and it's mostly down to personal preference, but this is my favorite.
      • Spine Chill: Gives you definitive notice that the killer is headed in your direction, and that you have lost the killer in a chase. Also hard-counters stealth. I cannot play survivor without this perk.
    • Tricks Member Posts: 957

      December 2020 edited December 2020


      I quite like the combination of:

      Quick 'n Quiet - to vault silently

      Lithe to break - into a sprint after vaulting

      Dance With Me - to leave no scratch marks for 3 seconds

      To essentially Vault silently into a sprint leaving no scratch marks afterwards

      Also Spine Chill is essential to this (and all) builds

      But as it's the solo queue you'll need to bring a med kid because you can't rely on anyone to heal

    • Deadman316 Member Posts: 578

      December 2020 edited December 2020


      I use Urban Evasion and Spidey Sense (Spine Chill) as my two main perks. The other two slots are between Inner Strength, Iron Will, an exhaustion perk (usually Lithe or Sprint Burst) and Head On/DS when I face sweaty killers. I get my share of saves, but am comfortable with doing gens silently and scooting away when Spidey Sense flickers constantly.

    • Dennis_van_eijk Member Posts: 1,704

      December 2020


      Sure you can run without spine chill.

      You don't know how fun it is to be on constant alert when going against a stealth killer.

      Also steal killers let you know they are close, they make a lot of sound.

      Wraith - gnarls

      Pig and myers breath heavily like they have astma

      Ghostface you hear his coat.

      Demo when exiting his portals sounds like hulk stomping next to you.

    • OldHunterLight Member Posts: 3,001

      December 2020


      My solo build is usually the same one I use when I play with my brother.

      Wglf,BT,bond and adrenaline.

      But I also sometimes use stuff like.

      Vault build + IW and SB since if I get chased survivors won't be scared of touching gens which in solo queue is a blessing since everyone is allergic to doing gens.

    • HellDescent Member Posts: 4,883

      December 2020


      Self care or inner strength, ds, iron will, dead hard

    • Rivyn Member Posts: 3,005

      December 2020


      My go to build is:

      Inner Strength

      Quick and Quiet


      Detectives Hunch

      I adore Lithe, so it's usually in all of my builds. This one lets me hit all the bases. Detectives can be swapped out if I feel like it. I like Dance With Me, and Borrowed Time is a good choice.

    • Heartbound Member Posts: 3,255

      December 2020


      If I'm trying to win I run Self Care/Botany Knowledge/Desperate Measures/Soul Guard, usually with a medkit.

      I heal during chases, and if I pull someone off the hook I get increased healing speed on them. If you're running meta I cannot be slugged.

      Dwight is too powerful and cannot be stopped.

    • meatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,920

      December 2020


      Ruin is a lot stronger now as a solo player than it was before. I always run Small Game. DS is a must because teammates will not take hits for you no matter what. Adren helps a lot. And I like Dead Hard even though it fails at least once almost every game.

    • ItzZane_ Member Posts: 965

      December 2020


      Kindred: So you can see everybody

      Iron Will: So being injured isn't a big of a deal

      Urban Evasion: Stealthy Boi

      Adrenaline: it's just too good :)

      This is the build i always run DH and DS are overrated tbh i consider adrenaline unbreakable and BT meta perks DH and DS are #########

    • Katie_met Member Posts: 422

      December 2020


      Kindred should be used if you find yourself not being unhooked often. Maybe use Windows of Opportunity to know whether your teammates have used pallets. Bond is good too if you want healing. Iron Will if you're often left injured. Deliverance if you're never hooked first and never unhooked. Unbreakable if your teammates won't come to get you. Maybe Aftercare if you're altruistic?

      If you don't like being injured then use self care, desperate measures, botany and either resilience or spine chill.

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